Hiroto Yoshizoe


"I am interested in worlds imagined by others, worlds that are unknown to me. I wish to align minds with others to view their worlds. Being able to realize these worlds together is my happiness, and also an important identity of mine."



Hiroto Yoshizoe founded KIJUTSU, where he collaborates with designers, artists, stylists, and craftsman to challenge new possibilities in spatial design.

He believes KIJUTSU designs in between the blueprints - elements that are not described in drawings.  


Services and Products

Direction and Design in commercial space / Artwork and Display commissions, Direction and Styling / Concept making and Planning of urban development, department stores and malls


Main clients and customers

NOMURAKOGEISHA / TANSEISHA / Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei / A.N.D. / nendo / onndo / spinoff / BROOK / KOKUSAI SOUSHOKU / wise・wise / PARTY / DRAFT / MITSUBISHI ESTATE / Mitsui Fudosan / Mori Building / AEONTOWN / JR East Station Retailing / Keio / TOKYU / Tokyo Metro / SAGAMI RAILWAY / Tokyo International Air Terminal / HASUNA / INTERCONTINENTAL / PRINCE HOTELS / Okura Nikko Hotel / Tokyo Dome Resort Operations / Plan.Do.See / Positive dream persons / WELCOME GROUP / Bonelite / KAKIYASU / ASAHI Food Create / Freshness Burger / ROTARI PARKER / OLGA goose candle